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toddler art

Competition for the best sketch made on a beach over summer


All entries must be made via - Email / post to Facebook or tweet @artfortots .


Details: The sketch can be made by anyone of any age but the age must be specified / or specified as '18+'. Full name must be given. The sketch can be coloured or black & white. The sketch may include watercolour, coloured inks, poster paint, gouache or a mixture of all but must be predominently "a drawing". The sketch can be made of the beach, or looking out to sea or from the beach looking back at the coastline. Ages will be taken into consideration when judging. Any entry - winner or not - may be posted on The Tot Art Facebook page or tweeted @artfortots whether submitted in this way or not & by making an entry you are agreeing to this possibility.


Competition ends Friday .


Results posted Monday .


Judges decision is final & no correspondance will be entered into over the judge's decision.


Winning entry will be published on Facebook, Twitter & the Tot Art website with the winner's name & age alongside. The winner will receive a sketchbook & a set of watercolour paints.


The winner will be notified via the method they submitted their entry (email / Facebook / Twitter).



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