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Tot Art is about teaching children Art through celebrating & exploring their ideas, equipping children with the skills & techniques to communicate their ideas. It is about "proper" drawing, "proper" painting, understanding techniques, concepts & the work of Artists & Designers in an enjoyable way & with complete acceptance that we are all different.


Wendy Briggs, founder of Tot Art, has won 2 major National awards for teaching Art & has taught & written curriculums over the past 21 years for a variety of educational establishments from nursery up to art college. All Tot Art schemes of work, lessons & workshops have been written by Wendy Briggs.


Tot Art classes & workshops cover a range of activities, develop a range of skills & promote a creative way of thinking. These skills & abilities will be called upon when children start school, whilst at school & in later life. The lessons which Wendy Briggs writes for Tot Art pre school classes involve activities & experiences for children in 5 out of the 7 areas specified in the Early Years Foundation Stage educational programme - click to read how. The lessons & workshops which Wendy Briggs writes for older children make reference to National Curriculum guidelines, but demand a higher level of creative thought, develop the ability to interpret what is taught in an individual way & aim for a higher level of achievement than National guidelines for age related skill targets.

Tot Art - inspiring creativity in children.

Teaching children to think for themselves; equipping children with skills & techniques to communicate ideas.

Tot Art workshop
Tot Art workshop
Tot Art workshop
toddler art class
Tot Art event
Tot Art class

"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance." - Aristotle

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